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Three French Bullgod Puppies

let's paw-ty!

I treat your dog like family because, let's face it, they are! From dawn to dusk, I offer round-the-clock supervision for my furry guests. Whether they're in need of a delicious dinner, a romp in the yard, a soothing bath, or just a cozy snuggle session, I'm their go-to canine concierge. Their well-being and safety? You bet that's at the top of my list. Providing them with a safe, secure, and loving home away from home is my dog-given duty.


Up to 4 or up to 8 hours

Drop your dog off for a fun-filled half or full day depending on your needs. Once a week we throw paw-ties for dogs to socialize in larger group, your pooch is invited!


Up to 24 hours

We love having dogs join our fun sleepovers. Never caged (unless requested), boarding includes a full day of excersize with unlimited cuddles & snuggles overnight.


1+ week(s)

Going on a vacation? It's only fair your beloved pooch gets a vacation too! While you're away, have full peace of mind that your dog is having the time of his/her life (maybe more than you!)

Unlimited hugs and kisses will be provided to your pooch (for free, of course).
Adorable photos and videos of your pooch will be sent to you during their stay.
We offer shampoo & blow-dry treatments upon request.

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